Monday, September 17, 2012

think again

Sweetie pulled down on her mother's sleeve again. And again she was told, 'in a little while'.  Mama was busy heating up her spoonful of junk.  Sweetie whined 'Mama', but Mama repeated, 'in a little while'.  Mama began making a tourniquet with her belt so the veins on her forearm and hand would engorge.  'I want cereal', Sweetie cried. 'In a little while', Mama replied. 
Sweetie watched Mama stab at her vein. Once, twice, then success.  'Mama, Mama!', Sweetie screamed. Mouth hanging open, Sweetie stared as Mama's eyes rolled back in their sockets and her knees buckled to the floor. And heard the whisper of Mama's last words ... 'in a little while'.

linked to carry on tuesday; 'A little while...'

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