Friday, August 31, 2012

puppy love

My dog sighs deeply with boredom
He's already had two walks today
Probably just my own anthropomorphic issues 

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drawn out

have I mixed things up
 not a draw or a drawn bridge
canvas o'er water

First off, I did not have anything to do with this creation - only that I saw and loved it at an seaside artists' reception....Finally, I got an opportunity to share its spirit with all of you....  

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birthday haiku

born to fly away
nephew landed western shore
loved and missed daily

This is my nephew, Jesse, whose birthday is Sunday....He is my only living relative, and, unfortunately for me, now lives a country away from 'home'.....As a child, he thought someday he might fly.....

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orange skies

sun down spectacle 
veil of celestial stains 
view from eastern shore 

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

local color

Walking through the woods last week, I looked up and spied this plastic flamingo perched in a tree....It was so incongruous that I laughed out loud...

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looking into your eyes
is anyone there for me
the real truth is emptiness
since that is all I see

I could hang around and hope
the light in you returns
instead I'll just walk away
another lesson learned

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012


A locally-built replica of a sleek wooden ship, the Ardelle...She is called a 'pinky' schooner as she is pointed at both ends, also known as a double-ender, helping to make her extremely seaworthy....This type of ship was used for fishing in the 1800-early 1900's....The Ardelle is docked in the inner harbor of Gloucester...She is a teaching boat, taking groups of young and old out for sails along Cape Ann's coast..

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pansy pods of birth
a future for a flower
seeds of tomorrow

linked to hump day haiku; prompt: seed pods


meditation dance
expecting enlightenment
free whirling affair 

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brave man in Kenya
strolling in color and pride
the bonds have loosened

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

play the blues

After dropping my charge off at her summer camp, I looked back and wanted to sign up!

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carry on

gone beyond midway
life's future journey shortened
yet much more to come

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Limelight hydrangea
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blue moon song

tidal change coming
awaiting fullness of moon 
shine over waters

shine over waters
orb brims with luminescence 
re-run in same month

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   and      tackle it tuesday; prompt: blue moon

Sunday, August 26, 2012


how I hate my spectacles
had them since age five
there are deep dents in my nose
but without them I couldn't survive

my eyesight just keeps getting worse
not unique to me but true
if only the world could truly see
my beautiful eyes of blue

linked to OSI; prompt: spectacles

space exploration

I would love to investigate
the ceynotes of Mexico
the Great Barrier Reef
the herded lands of the Serengeti
the Egyptian pyramids

But here I sit wishing
for the return of youth
the rebirth of enthusiasm
and the joy of being

All things in time, she said
never dream in black and white
be true to yourself
and travel in your mind

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She stood by the rose-covered chain-link fence at dusk. traces of many tears on her ruddy face. She felt so empty. Why did he go?  She had all the essentials that had made her such a good catch: she had learned many tasty recipes from her mom and she could operate farm machinery; what more could he have wanted? But, he left anyway, seeking more than this hard farm life with a sullen woman for his wife. It was all his fault. He had ruined everything. She was alone, and he could never be forgiven for that.

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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Thursday, August 23, 2012

yellow smiles

summer's joyful progeny

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never more

I have mades lots of promises
oh, have I ever
saying I'd keep them
thought I was clever

stuff happened and I failed
why did I swear it
I'd disappoint so often
Shame - I did wear it

now I've decided
to never tell a lie
a promise is a promise
so I won't even try

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012


facial expression
speaks volumes of impatience
why don't they get it

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commitment to build
precarious high-wire act
birthing a nation

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

b'fly and blooms

Considering that I don't have a fancy camera (yet),  I think this came out pretty good.

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monsters in the backyard

I usually allow the squirrels to eat the bird food (like I can control them!). I could tell this one was a mom, and I watched her stuff it in for the longest while. I love how bold they become and acclimated to the presence of humans and cameras close by. I call her and all her kin Squirrely Monsters because they knock the feeder down and chase the birds away.

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F is for...


Never payed much attention to mushrooms, but after I went on a Mushroom Walk in nearby woods that a local conservation group facilitated, I now find them, well, if not fascinating, well....very interesting. 
I found this big white 'sculpture' under a tree in an old cemetery. It may be a brain mushroom.

The varied fungi below were collected by 'experts' on the walk.

And this is a 'cauliflour' 'shroom.

There was talk of cooking some of these finds, but I wasn't doing any of that talking!

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Flooded marshlands and marina

A spit of land splits sea and sky

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so red-dy

Cardinals can be very skittish, so I was amazed when this guy posed so nicely with his incredible red-orange beak. The brilliant shade of his beak seems to manifest when he's looking for love.....

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"Who grows there?"  "We all do..."

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all blues

Blues - all shades - always catch my eye -
even the blues of discarded mussel shells 

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music of love

somebody loves me 
I hear it on the wind
in the trees in my heart
 in the very core of my being
even the sea sings love songs
to me

linked to carry on tuesday; prompt: when somebody loves you

Monday, August 20, 2012

light show

northern winter lights 
aurora borealis
celestial show

celestial show
 luminous skies of brilliance
nature's piquant gift

linked to tackle it tuesday; prompt: aurora borealis

under sail

Two beautiful wooden schooners under sail in Gloucester harbor - the white one is the Ardelle, the green one, the Thomas Lannon. These historic replicas take visitors out on various types of cruises - music, sunset, clam bakes, etc.

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tan renga?

the old church
a shelter for the storm -
the butterflies

huddled together they find
safety in their numbers

I like to try new things, so here's my Tan Renga effort, using the first 3 lines given. I think that the lack of success of some memes is because many bloggers are connected to so many other blogs that they are in a rush to post and comment, and then get on with the requirements of day-to-day life. As you may have noticed, the quick 'post a photo' blogs get tons of posts! I try to pick and chose when linking, and also try to take advantage of learning opportunities - but I also have very few other commitments. I appreciate all of Chevrefeuille's efforts at teaching us new ideas.  

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Sunday, August 19, 2012


lordie, lord, please help us out
the corn is dead due to drought
we need corn for our gasoline
for our whiskey and sweets supreme

please send us rain but not a lot
we don't need floods o'erflow the pot
all over the country it's dry and hot
help us with whatever you've got

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Saturday, August 18, 2012

ah, youth

[Since my prompt suggestion is being used this week, I had better come up with something!]

heads askew
lop-sided logic
sagacity to follow

linked to OSI; prompt: lop-sided
 (photo credit: 'Animalia', on facebook)


handful of softness - loving baby animals

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yes we can

living green challenge
wind turbines solar panels
can we save ourselves

linked to haiku heights; prompt: green

Friday, August 17, 2012

season worship

A springtime photo of the Unitarian Universalist church I attend...There is nothing like the bright yellow-greens of the season...

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summer spell on earth
creation of jumbled hues
reveling in time

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

on a walk

An interesting 'doorway' to some perfect blooms....

Until today I didn't know what these flowers were.....I learned from another blog that they are a kind of hydrangea.....incredible, I think....

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Took this photo in bright sunlight with my modest camera using a 'beach' setting.., and SOOC, it appears to have been edited....Does anyone have any ideas on this phenomenon? 
In any case, this rose had minimal aroma like most garden roses these days....Remember when you could catch a whiff of their scent before you even spotted them?1 

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Cormorant here is drying its wings....they seem to do this after every dive....Why? Their feathers are just going to get wet again! No, seriously, they do this for thermoregulation and for preening....They are coastal birds, diving from the water's surface...This streamlined dive nets favorite meals of fish and eels.....Some cormorants have been gauged diving up to 1/4 mile deep...When bobbing or swimming on the sea, only their head and neck are visible, a rather comical vision.....

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012


summer sojourn home
living in paradise here
grateful ocean breeze

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A peaceful scene in the inner harbor

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Joe had just spent his last dollar on a bag of what he had hoped would be good dope. However, it was not.  The powder had cooked up in his spoon to a gelatinous substance.  Totally uninjectable, or he would have tried anyway.  "Goddamn" he cried, "corn starch!  I've been beat!"
Joe had previously been clean for 3 years, but it only took one hit to bring him back to his previous level of tolerance. The pressure was so great to stop the withdrawal sickness, that he contemplated crimes. The depths of his depression would send him over the edge if he did not cop soon. And his life was in peril if he did not stop soon. Suicide or rehab, home invasion or detox...He chose life.

linked to 3WW; prompts: beat, pressure, substance