Monday, September 10, 2012


oh a friend indeed
dependable supportive
what else do i need

Hasn't everybody had a friend they had to let go of because the relationship became toxic to them?  I recently did that with a friend who, for 3 years, irritated and frustrated me, tried to guilt-trip me, and was never interested in anything I ever did or thought.  Why did I remain so long? Good question.  I didn't want to hurt her. But I was hurting #1! So, armed with extra confidence from my cousin and my therapist, I wrote her off verbally. Yeah, I still feel a bit bad, but not as bad as before the split, that's for sure.

My sister, Grace, was my best friend, but she up and died on me 2 years ago. She knew me all my life, and I knew her all my life. Our bond will never in this world be duplicated, and about this I am quite sad.

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