Sunday, November 4, 2012

the Right Whale?

The swelling, tumultuous ocean spewed a dead whale from her depths onto the shore. Over the next day or two, many visitors scrambled over the rocky coast to see, and smell, the rotten carcass. The key idea of the city was to leave the right-whale there, and enable the natural process of predators and putrefaction to do their work. 

Then came 'superstorm Sandy', and she did not agree that this body held any charm at all.  So Sandy's wrathful seas pushed the stinking whale body nearer to the road, too close to the high-end homes.  

An urgent call for volunteers and marine professionals went out. They came and carved the flesh from the bone, with an upbeat attitude and covered noses, and sent the skeleton to a New England museum.  

The natural order of things.....

This story is true....
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